AO Smith HSE VAS Vs SDS Green Geyser

When you want to purchase an AO Smith brand water heater, it may be a little confusing to choose between the HSE-VAS-X-015 Storage 15 Litre (2000 watt) or the SDS-GREEN-015 Knowing how these two products differ is essential while identifying the most suitable 15 litre geyser for your preferences and wallet. Although AO Smith HSE and SDS models are reliable performers based on years of water heating experience, potential consumers must take note of a number of distinct differences. Gas units require more initial investment but provide instant heating at lower energy bills in comparison with the electric heaters which have much lower initial costs but higher bills during the operation period. This way, readers will also learn what to choose and what to avoid when choosing a water heater. With this detailed comparison, you would be equipped with facts that you could use to make a good decision whether you are building a new home or replacing old water heater. This post aims to direct you to check every feature of the HSE VAS and SDS geyser in order to help you make the right acquisition decision.

Overview of AO Smith HSE VAS 15 Litre Geyser


  • Capacity: 15 litres
  • Power rating: 2000 watts
  • Tank material: Blue diamond glass lined steel
  • Tank coating: Superior blue diamond glass lining
  • Heating Element: Incoloy
  • Pressure rating: 8 bars
  • Warranty: 7 years on inner tank, 2 years on product


  • Energy efficient with 4-star BEE rating
  • Corrosion resistant blue diamond glass lined tank
  • Long lasting incoloy heating element
  • 8 bars pressure rating makes it suitable for high rise buildings
  • Comes with 7 year tank warranty and 2 year comprehensive warranty

The HSE VAS 15 litre model is one of AO Smith’s most popular geysers due to its high energy efficiency and durable build quality. Some of its notable features are:

Blue Diamond Technology – The geyser has a superior glass lined tank that uses an advanced tempering process. This results in a 3x harder glass coating that prevents scale formation and corrosion better than traditional enameling.

Advanced Safety – It is equipped with a multifunction valve to release pressure build-up, thermal cut-out to prevent overheating and other safety measures. The fire-retardant ABS outer body ensures high fire resistance.

High Efficiency Incoloy Heating Element – The incoloy 800 heating element retains its efficiency even after years of use while preventing scale formation. It also exhibits high corrosion and oxidation resistance at high temperatures.

Energy Saving Insulation – The geyser comes with high density PUF insulation that minimizes heat loss and reduces electricity consumption. This improves its BEE 4-star energy rating.

Long Warranties – The 7 year inner tank and 2 year overall product warranty reflect the long life and reliability that users can expect from the HSE VAS model.

Overview of AO Smith SDS 15 Litre Geyser


  • Capacity: 15 litres
  • Power rating: 2000 watts
  • Tank material: High grade steel
  • Tank coating: Multiple protection layers of enamel
  • Heating Element: High grade copper
  • Pressure rating: 8 bars
  • Warranty: 5 years on inner tank, 2 years comprehensive


  • Energy efficient 5-star BEE rating
  • Multi-layer vitreous enamel coating on tank
  • Advanced PUF insulation technology
  • 8 bars pressure rating, suitable for high rise buildings
  • Comes with 5 year tank warranty and 2 years overall product warranty

The SDS 15 litre model is a more affordable variant from AO Smith but still offers good specifications and features:

Enamel Glass Lining – The steel tank has superior vitreous enamel coating capable of resisting scale formation and rusting. However, it is less durable compared to diamond glass lining.

5-star Energy Rating – With advanced PUF insulation and copper heating element, it achieves 5-star BEE rating for power savings. But HSE VAS has slightly better 4-star rating.

Compact Design – With dimensions of 410 x 278 x 462 mm, it is suitable for compact bathrooms. The fire-retardant engineering plastic body ensures safety.

High Rated Pressure – With 8 bars pressure rating, this water heater can provide efficient performance even in high rise apartments.

Warranty – The 5 year warranty on inner tank is decent but 2 years less than provided on the HSE VAS variant.

Detailed Comparison of Features

Now that we have understood the specifications of both models, let’s compare them across various parameters:

ParametersAO Smith HSE VASAO Smith SDS
Tank MaterialBlue diamond glass lined steelHigh grade steel
Tank CoatingSuperior blue diamond glass liningMultiple layers of enamel coating
Heating ElementIncoloy 800Copper
Energy Rating4-star BEE rating5-star BEE rating
Heating Time29 mins to raise temp by 50°C45 mins to raise temp by 50°C
Safety FeaturesMultifunction valve, thermal cut-out, fire retardant bodyMultifunction valve, thermal cut-out, fire retardant body
InsulationHigh density PUFAdvanced PUF technology
Pressure Rating8 bars8 bars
Dimensions552 x 261 x 515 mm410 x 278 x 462 mm
Outer BodyABS plasticEngineering plastic
Warranty7 years on tank, 2 years overall5 years on tank, 2 years overall

Tank Material – The HSE VAS uses proprietary blue diamond glass lined steel tank which is more durable and corrosion resistant compared to the enamel coated steel tank of SDS model.

Energy Efficiency – With 4-star BEE rating, the HSE VAS offers slightly better power savings than the 5-star SDS geyser.

Heating Time – The HSE VAS can heat water faster, achieving 50°C rise in temperature in just 29 minutes vs 45 minutes for SDS.

Tank Life – The diamond glass lining provides a longer lifespan of over 10 years compared to 8-10 years for a enamel steel tank.

Warranty – The 7 year warranty on inner tank and 2 years overall product warranty is an advantage that the HSE VAS has over the SDS model.

Price – With a price difference of around ₹2,000, the HSE VAS is the more premium variant.

Performance and Energy Efficiency

Both AO Smith models utilize advanced technology and insulation to deliver hot water faster while conserving electricity. Let’s compare their heating performance and energy ratings:

Heating Time

AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-heating element
  • The HSE VAS takes just 29 minutes to raise temperature by 50°C.
  • The SDS takes 45 minutes to raise temperature by 50°C.

The lower heating time makes the HSE VAS more suitable for larger families that require more hot water.

Energy Ratings

  • The HSE VAS has a 4-star BEE rating which allows higher energy savings.
  • The SDS model has a 5-star BEE rating.

While the SDS has a higher star rating, the HSE VAS actually offers around 15% more savings on electricity bills annually. This is due to its superior insulation and Incoloy heating element.

Standby Loss

  • The HSE VAS has a standby loss of only 0.433 kWh/day.
  • The SDS has a standby loss of 0.8 kWh/day.

The lower standby loss of the HSE VAS means it can retain heat for much longer when not in use, reducing energy wastage.

Size and Design

While both geysers have similar 15 litre capacity, their size and designs vary:


  • HSE VAS Dimensions – 552 x 261 x 515 mm
  • SDS Dimensions – 410 x 278 x 462 mm

The compact SDS with smaller footprint is suitable for smaller bathrooms. The HSE VAS has a taller yet sleek design.

Outer Body

  • HSE VAS uses corrosion proof ABS plastic
  • SDS uses engineering plastic for fire safety

The high-grade plastics offer durability and ability to withstand high water pressure.

Tank Material

  • HSE VAS has glass lined steel tank
  • SDS uses enamel coated steel tank

The glass lining offers longer life but enamel coat is also anti-rust.

Installation and Maintenance

Proper installation is vital for safety and efficiency of your geyser:

  • Install it on a wall near the bathroom with easy access to water inlet and power socket.
  • Use specialized plumbers to install it safely.
  • Ensure ample ventilation around the geyser.
  • Use suitable pipes that can withstand high pressure and temperature.
  • Connect an expansion tank for high rise buildings to absorb pressure fluctuations.
  • Avoid bends and unnecessary pipe joints that can affect water flow.

For maintenance:

  • Inspect it yearly and replace anode rod if required.
  • Remove scale deposits from heating element to maintain efficiency.
  • Use soft water supply to prevent scale buildup. Install a water softener if needed.
  • Keep the geyser switched off when not in use for long periods.
  • Ensure electrical connections remain tight and intact.

Proper installation and yearly maintenance will enhance performance and lifespan.

Cost Considerations


  • AO Smith HSE VAS 15 litre: ₹8,999
  • AO Smith SDS 15 litre: ₹6,599

There is approximately ₹2,000 price difference between the models.

Electricity Costs:

The HSE VAS can save 15% more electricity annually compared to SDS model due to superior 4-star BEE rating and lower standby loss.

Tank Life:

The HSE VAS tank will easily last 2-3 years longer than SDS tank owing to the diamond glass lining. This offsets the price difference.

Resale Value:

The HSE VAS will have a higher resale value after 5-6 years of use because of better brand reputation and durability.

Verdict – Which is Better?

For high-rise apartments or large families with hard water supply, the AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-015 15 litre geyser is worth the extra investment. The diamond glass-lined tank, faster heating, higher energy savings and long warranty make it ideal for heavy usage.

The AO Smith SDS-GREEN-015 15 litre model is a good option for smaller families looking for cost-effective performance. Its 5 star rating and enameled steel tank offer decent efficiency and longevity at an affordable price point.

Overall, the AO Smith HSE VAS proves to be a better long term asset with quicker heating, lower electricity bills, longer tank life and higher resale value. The additional upfront cost gets recovered over a few years of operation. But the SDS variant can fulfill most requirements for budget buyers.

I recommend carefully calculating your family’s hot water needs, usage patterns, operating costs and product longevity requirements before deciding between the two geysers. This will ensure you pick the ideal AO Smith 15 litre water heater model for your home.

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