AO Smith Vs Racold 15 Litre water geyser

Almost all houses in India use water heaters or geysers as essential appliances. A good quality geyser can easily supply hot water for shower and other household chores.
AO Smith and Racold are the two most reputed and bestselling geyser brands in the country. Unlike the AO Smith, which is an American brand with global presence, Racold in an Indian brand belonging to Arthurson Group.
This detailed feature compares the widely known Racold eterno Pro 15l and AO Smith SDS-GREEN 15 litre 5 star storage geysers. I study their technology, features, specifications, efficiency, safety, maintenance, and price.
Below this review will provide a clear snapshot of how AO Smith and Racold models match. This will guide you to make the right choice in choosing the brand of better quality within your budgetary range.

Specifications of Racold Eterno Pro 15L


  • Storage capacity: 15 litres
  • Power rating: 2000 Watts
  • Tank material: Titanium steel with titanium enamel coating
  • Product dimensions: 31cm x 31cm x 56.5cm
  • Net weight: 8 Kg
  • Special features: Titanium Plus technology, Smart Bath Logic, Smart Guard, Smart Mix, Safety Plus
  • Warranty: 2 years (product), 3 years (heating element), 7 years (inner tank)
  • MRP: Rs. 7,799

Key Features of Racold Eterno Pro

Titanium Plus Technology – The inner tank is made of titanium steel and coated with titanium enamel for maximum corrosion resistance. This also allows it to withstand very high water pressures, making it ideal for tall apartment buildings.

Smart Bath Logic – Offers options like bucket bath and shower bath modes to optimize electricity usage. Can help save up to 30% on your power bills.

Smart Guard – Special anode rod protects the heating element from corrosion thereby increasing its life significantly.

Smart Mix – Causes slow mixing of hot and cold water, reducing the need for restarts. Saves up to 40% electricity and gives 10% more hot water.

Safety Plus – Provides three levels of safety with adjustable thermostat, thermal cut-out and multifunction valve. Protects against high temperature and pressure.

Specifications of AO Smith SDS-GREEN 15 Litre Storage


  • Storage capacity: 15 litres
  • Power rating: 2000 Watts
  • Tank material: Blue diamond glass lined steel
  • Product dimensions: ‎37.3cm x 37.3cm x 43.6cm
  • Net weight: 16.8 Kg
  • BEE Star Rating: 5 stars
  • Warranty: 7 years (inner tank), 4 years (heating element), 2 years (product)
  • MRP: Rs. 8,999

Key Features of AO Smith SDS-GREEN

BEE 5 Star certified – Certified by Bureau of Energy Efficiency as 5 Star appliance. More energy efficient resulting in electricity savings.

Blue Diamond Glass-Lined Tank – The inner tank has a diamond glass coating offering 2X corrosion resistance for longer life.

Anodized Anode Rod – Special anode rod designed for hard water conditions with 2X longer life than regular magnesium rods.

Glass Coated Heating Element – The heating coil has a protective glass coating that prevents scale buildup and corrosion.

Thermal Cut-Out – Auto cut-off mechanism shuts off element if temperature exceeds preset limit for safety.

Multi-Function Valve – Releases pressure buildup safely and controls water outlet temperature.

Free Installation – Available in selected cities. Else, paid installation service provided.

Now let’s compare the two geysers across important parameters.

Detailed Comparison Between Racold and AO Smith

Water Storage Capacity

Both the Racold Eterno Pro and AO Smith SDS-GREEN have a storage capacity of 15 litres. This size is adequate for a family of 3-4 members.

For larger families, one may opt for 25 litre or higher capacity heaters. Both brands offer larger models too.

Heating Technology and Elements

Racold uses titanium steel tank with special titanium enamel coating for maximum corrosion resistance and strength. The heating element is also titanium steel based.

The AO Smith model comes with a Blue Diamond glass coated steel tank for preventing rust. The glass coated heating element prevents scale deposition and damage.

Both use advanced technology but AO Smith claims its Blue Diamond tank offers 2X corrosion resistance over normal models. The glass coated heating element also lasts longer by preventing fouling.

Energy Efficiency

This is an important consideration given rising electricity costs. AO Smith SDS-GREEN is certified 5 Star by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).

AO Smith SDS-GREEN -015 Storage 15 Litre 5 star ratings

The 5 star rating makes it over 25% more efficient than a conventional 1 star geyser. This translates into significant power savings.

By contrast, the Racold Eterno Pro has a 3 star BEE rating so it less energy efficient compared to the AO Smith option.

Safety Features

Both heaters come equipped with multiple safety mechanisms like:

Pressure Release Valve – Releases excess pressure buildup.

Temperature Cut-Out – Cuts off power if temp exceeds preset limit.

Adjustable Thermostat – Lets you adjust temperature as per needs.

These features are essential to prevent leakage, overheating and dry firing situations.

Durability and Lifespan

With its double corrosion resistant Blue Diamond steel tank and glass coated heating element, the AO Smith model may have a slight edge in terms of durability.

But Racold also offers a titanium steel tank expected to last for years. Both brands provide 7 years warranty on the inner tank.

The glass coated heating coil on the AO Smith model improves lifespan by preventing scale fouling. AO Smith provides a 4 year heating element warranty against 2 years by Racold.

Installation, Maintenance and Service

Both brands have a wide service network across India for installation, repairs and maintenance.

AO Smith offers free installation in selected cities, while Racold charges about ₹500-1000 for installation service.

For maintenance, annual service contracts are recommended as they include servicing, cleaning and part replacements if required.

Comparison table

ParameterRacold Eterno Pro 15LAO Smith SDS-GREEN 15L
Storage Capacity15 Litres15 Litres
Power Rating2000 Watts2000 Watts
Tank MaterialTitanium Steel with Titanium Enamel CoatingBlue Diamond Glass-Lined Steel
Dimensions31cm x 31cm x 56.5cm37.3cm x 37.3cm x 43.6cm
Warranty2 years (product), 3 years (heating element), 7 years (inner tank)2 years (product), 4 years (heating element), 7 years (inner tank)
PriceRs. 7,799Rs. 8,999
Heating TechnologyTitanium Steel Heating ElementGlass Coated Heating Element
Energy Rating4 Star BEE Rating5 Star BEE Rating
Safety FeaturesTemperature Cut-Out, Pressure Release Valve, Adjustable ThermostatTemperature Cut-Out, Pressure Release Valve, Adjustable Thermostat
Corrosion ResistanceTitanium Enamel Coated TankBlue Diamond Glass-Lined Tank (claimed 2X more resistance)

Final Verdict – Which is Better?

Based on our detailed comparison of the popular 15 litre models from both brands, here is a summary of which is better:

For Performance – AO Smith SDS-GREEN

The AO Smith water heater is the better choice if you want the best in class performance and features. Reasons:

  • It is certified 5 star BEE rated for maximum energy efficiency and savings.
  • The Blue Diamond glass coated steel tank offers better corrosion resistance based on AO Smith’s claims.
  • Glass coated heating element improves lifespan by preventing scale fouling.
  • 4 years warranty on heating element vs 3 years for Racold.

For Budget Buy – Racold Eterno Pro

The Racold Eterno Pro makes sense for buyers who want to minimize the price without compromising too much on features. Reasons:

  • It is about 20% cheaper compared to the AO Smith option.
  • Titanium Plus technology makes the tank durable and corrosion resistant.
  • Decent 4-star BEE rating makes it reasonably energy efficient.
  • Suitable for high rise apartments as it supports high water pressures.

So in summary, for the best features you can go with the AO Smith SDS-GREEN but the Racold Eterno Pro is a good budget alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Racold provide free installation?

No, Racold charges about Rs. 500-1000 for installation. But some dealers may offer free or discounted installation.

Q. What should be the MIN pressure rating for a geyser?

Minimum 6-8 bar pressure rating is recommended, higher rating of 10 bar is better for high-rise apartments.

Q. What are the signs that a geyser needs to be replaced?

Frequent breakdowns, visible corrosion and leakage, noisy operation, slow heating times are signs a geyser replacement is needed.

Final Thoughts

I hope this detailed feature comparing AO Smith and Racold geysers has helped you understand how they differ in terms of technology, features, efficiency, durability, pricing and other parameters. You can now make the decision on which brand better fulfils your requirements.

Both brands offer quality products and good after-sales support. For maximum energy savings and durability, AO Smith SDS-GREEN is recommended but Racold Eterno Pro is a good cheaper alternative. Please share your feedback or queries in the comments!

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