Top 5 best apps

#2 Top 5 Best apps for this Android

Today we are going to see the Top 5 best apps for android phones you should not miss out this week.

1) System panel 2 App:-

Top 5 best apps

System panel 2 as the name implies it shows all your systems states. Obviously, you might not be using this app on a regular basis but it’s great to keep an eye on your device’s performance once in a while. The UI is user-friendly with Live stats, CPU usage, battery drain details of your device and much more. The developer also promises to add new features in future updates.

Link: – System Panel 2

2) Fast Key launcher:-

Top 5 best apps

Fast Key launcher a new launcher in the play store it got attention for its unique UI. The launcher is specially designed for users with a ton of apps on the phone.The main highlight of the launcher is the keyboard layout is always on your home screen which makes the searching app easier. You can even search for your contact and make calls directly from your home screen. The search is really fast and accurate without any issue.

Link: – Fast Key Launcher

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3)Remo Duplicate Photos Remover:-

Top 5 best apps

REMO duplicate photos remover is an app that automatically scans for duplicate photos and helps you to move them in order to save you some space other than that there really isn’t a lot. In my experience, it works very well.

Link: – Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

4) Inkitt:-

Top 5 best apps

Inkitt it’s basically this app let you access to thousands of books and novels.The best part in these is all books are absolutely free to read.You get to choose your interest whether it’s drama, thriller, romance or even explore the huge collection of books.

Additionally, you can customize and even save your book for offline reading, so perfect for all the readers out there.

Link: – Inkitt

5) Urban Walls:-

Top 5 best apps

The urban wall is a refrigerant 50 wallpapers app and they’re very minimalistic and they look really good with the widget.Wallpapers are too overpowering for the Widgets. U can set walls as home screen or lock screen image.additionally, u download to your gallery directly.

Link: – Urban Walls

So, this are the top 5 best apps for android, Download and enjoy it.