Crompton Amica Vs Bajaj New Shakti Neo 15L Water Heater

In every Indian household, it is necessary to install a suitable water heater or geyser. Such geyser should be a high quality one, that provides hot water for showering, cleaning, and washing. Besides, it should save electricity and reduce your power costs through energy efficiency technologies.
The market has many geyser brands and models, and deciding on the right one to purchase is confusing. Among the three well-known geyser manufacturers in the country include Bajaj and Crompton.
In the following detailed comparison, I will be comparing Bajaj New Shakti Neo 15L and Crompton Amica 15-L geysers. This article explains all the features, benefits, limitations and customers’ opinions about the these high selling 15 liter storage water heaters so you can know the better one that suits your needs.

Key Features and Benefits of the Bajaj New Shakti Neo 15L Geyser

The Bajaj New Shakti Neo 15L vertical storage water heater comes with the following impressive features:
This geyser has a 15 litre tank capacity, and it is suitable for a family of 3-4. It is made of high quality steel and has a diameter of 155 mm and a height of 545 mm.

It is made of high quality steel and has a diameter of 155 mm and a height of 545 mm.

Made of high quality steel in 155 mm diameter, 545 mm height tank.
The heating element consists of a solid copper, and it is rated at 2000 Watts.
Glassline technology – the tank coatings inside are advanced glassline which inhibits mineral precipitation and corrosions to extend Geyser’s lifespan.
Bajaj’s patented Titanium Armour protects it from hard water damage, thus prolonging its life.
Magnesium Anode Rod – The anode rod protects the inner tank and adds to the anti-rust capacity of the geyser.
Users can control the temperature of the water as desired by adjusting thermostat knob up to 75°C. This ensures customized heating for bathing or washing.
Swirl Flow Mechanism – Swirl flow is a special design which ensures faster and even heating of water while saving electricity. This makes a maximum of 20% more hot water than conventional geysers.
PUF Insulation; the high-density polyurethane foam insulation prevents heat loss and keeps the room warm for a long time even without a power supply.
Pressure Endurance 8 Bar – The geyser is safe to use in high rise apartments and multi-story buildings with pumped pressure over 6 bars.
Safety Feature – It has a safety valve which automatically shuts off the electricity supply if the water temperature exceeds 50 degrees.
Along with these excellent features, the Bajaj New Shakti Neo 15L vertical storage water heater comes with:

  • 5 year warranty on the inner tank
  • 2 year warranty on heating element
  • Temperature indicator
  • Fire-retardant cable
  • sacrificial anode protection
  • Wall mounting bracket

Key Features and Benefits of the Crompton Amica 15-L Geyser

Let us look at the top features of the Crompton Amica 15-L storage water heater:

1200 gm Powerful Heating Element made of superior quality Nickel coated copper, 4.5 inch ISI-marked. Consequently, it takes 10-12 minutes to heat up the water to 45°C.

This model of Crompton Amica 15-L is a 5 star appliance certified by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) which is also energy efficient in saving electricity and your power bills. High-grade PUF insulation reduces heat loss.

Anti-Rust Metallic Body – Outer body is made out of rust-proof powder coated metal. As a result, the exterior provides long wear and tear with no sign of abrasion or loss of shine for years.

Nano-Polymer Bonding Technology – An advanced Nano-Polymer coating is fusion bonded to the inner tank’s surface at the molecular level. This is an excellent resistance to oxidation, and corrosion when exposed to high temperatures and pressures.

It is protective towards the inner tank body as it attracts dissolved salts and other types of corrosive substances towards the anode rod. This translates into a long working life.

8 bars high pressure endurance – This geyser can withstand pressure of up to 8 bars, and is ideal for use in high-rise apartments and multi-story buildings with pumped water systems.

Advanced Multi-Level Safety System – It has got fire-retardant cable, 3-way protection from shocks, auto power cut-off in case of overheating, making it a safer appliance.

Additional aspects that make the Crompton Amica 15-L an ideal choice are:

  • Strong 1200W copper heating element
  • Self-diagnostic feature
  • Easy temperature control knob
  • Low watt loss of <1 watt in standby mode
  • Superior polymer coating on tank
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • 2 years overall product warranty and 5 years on tank

In summary, the Crompton Amica 15-L storage geyser comes equipped with multiple smart features focused on safety, fast heating, energy savings and durability.

Comparing the Technical Specifications

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the key specifications of the two geyser models:

ParametersBajaj New Shakti Neo 15LCrompton Amica 15-L
Capacity15 liters15 liters
Power Rating2000 Watts2000 Watts
Operating Voltage230 Volts230 Volts
Maximum Operating Pressure8 Bars8 Bars
Heating Element TypeCopperCopper, ISI-marked
Heat Up Time20 mins10 mins
Energy Efficiency4 star5 star
Outer Body MaterialSteelRust-free Metal
Inner Tank LiningGlasslineNano Polymer Bonding
Safety SystemsTemp. Cut OffMulti-level Protection
Dimensions33.5 x 46.1 cm32 x 45.6 cm
Weight9.7 kg10.2 kg
Warranty5 years Tank, 2 years Heating Element2 years Product, 5 years Tank

In terms of technical parameters, the Crompton Amica 15-L comes with a higher grade ISI-marked heating element, more advanced polymer tank coating and multiple safety features in comparison to the Bajaj model.

The Bajaj Shakti Neo has a minor edge when it comes to the PUF insulation density at 70 gm/litre vs 50 gm/litre in the Crompton geyser. Overall, both are well designed technologically, with the Amica having a slight lead.

Comparing the Pricing and Cost Economics

When it comes to price and cost-effectiveness, the Bajaj New Shakti Neo 15L is the more affordable option:

Bajaj New Shakti Neo 15L – Price Range – Rs. 5,500 to Rs. 6,000

Crompton Amica 15-L – Price Range – Rs. 6,500 to Rs. 7,500

The Crompton Amica 15-L costs approximately Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500 more compared to the Bajaj model.

However, the higher upfront investment is justified by the Crompton’s higher energy rating and lower electricity consumption over time.

To understand the cost economics better, let’s look at an example:

For a family of 4 members in Delhi, the Bajaj 15L geyser consumes around 2.1 units daily on average.

The Crompton 15L geyser consumes 1.5 units daily due its higher efficiency.

With electricity rate around Rs. 4 per unit in Delhi, the monthly savings with Crompton would be:

(2.1 – 1.5) x 30 x Rs. 4 = Approximately Rs. 90 per month

Over a year you save Rs. 1080.

The additional cost of the Crompton model can be recovered in under 1.5 years through these energy savings.

Thereafter, the 5 star rated Crompton Amica helps keep your electricity bills lower compared to the 4 star Bajaj Shakti Neo.

Comparing the Heating Efficiency

Heating efficiency is an important parameter while choosing a geyser as it impacts your electricity costs as well as convenience.

The Bajaj New Shakti Neo 15L takes around 20 to 25 minutes to heat up water to usable temperature of 35°C to 45°C.

The Crompton Amica 15-L achieves the same in just 10 to 12 minutes, almost half the time.

This is due to its superior quality copper heating element with higher 1200W rating compared to 2000W in the Bajaj.

Faster heating means less waiting time to use hot water. The Crompton Amica scores higher when it comes to heating efficiency.

Comparing the Design and Durability

Both Bajaj and Crompton geysers are made from rust-proof tough metals with advanced coating technologies:

Bajaj uses titanium armour and glassline coating to prevent internal corrosion and damage. This provides long lasting protection against hard water.

Crompton utilizes nano polymer fusion on inner tank walls. This minimizes scale build-up and oxidation even with everyday high temperature, pressure usage.

The outer body of the Bajaj Shakti Neo 15L is made of powder coated steel while the Crompton Amica 15-L uses powder coated aluminum for better heat dissipation and durability.

Anodic protection is present in both models with magnesium rods minimizing tank corrosion.

The warranty offered on the inner tank is 5 years for both geysers. The overall product warranty is 2 years for Crompton and 5 years for Bajaj.

Both companies have wide service networks to attend any maintenance issues.

In terms of durability, the two geysers are almost at par, with tank technologies tailored to the Indian water conditions.

Comparing the Safety Features

Safety is paramount for any electrical appliance, especially one dealing with high temperatures and power connections.

The Bajaj New Shakti Neo 15L comes equipped with a single safety system:

  • Temperature Cut Off – If water exceeds 50°C, power supply is automatically disconnected to avoid accidents.

The Crompton Amica 15-L incorporates multiple advanced safety mechanisms:

  • Fire Retardant Cable
  • Triple Safety Against Electric Shocks
  • Auto Power Cut Off if Overheating
  • Self-Diagnostic Feature

Evidently, the Crompton offers superior safety technologies with multiple protection levels, adding to peace of mind during usage.

Customer Reviews, Ratings and Owners’ Experiences

Taking a look at customer reviews and real user experiences can provide us further valuable perspective to make an informed buying decision.

Here are key points that emerge from online reviews of both models:

Bajaj New Shakti Neo 15L

  • Most users happy with the heating performance and temperature maintenance
  • Geyser requires annual servicing and flushing in hard water areas
  • Few complaints about thermostat knob getting rigid over time
  • Some reviews mention minor tank leaks after 3-4 years of rigorous use
  • 80% of ratings are 4 stars and above for performance, durability and value

Crompton Amica 15-L

  • Faster heating capacity is highly appreciated
  • Lower electricity bills noted by most owners
  • A few complaints related to external rusting after 3-4 years
  • Self diagnostic ability and safety systems well received
  • 90% of ratings are 4 star and above with many 5 star ratings

Key Takeaways from the reviews:

  • The Bajaj model scores very well on durability if annual services are done
  • The Crompton Amica delivers superior heating speed and efficiency
  • Both have minor issues after prolonged use like leaks or rusting
  • Crompton safety features and self-diagnosis capability are big positives
  • Overall satisfaction levels are high for both geysers

Going by owner experiences, the Crompton Amica has a marginal lead in terms of safety and heating efficiency while Bajaj rates high on durability. But both serve very well for 4-5 years if maintained properly.

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