Crompton Arno Vs Amica 15 Litre geyser water heater

The Indian water heater market is inundated with new products as awareness of energy efficiency and hot water requirements mount. There are several models available from Crompton, a major player in the water heater market, for both overhead tank and storage type water heaters.

There are two notable water heater models from Crompton named Arno and Amica. They both have a reputation of energy efficiency water heating. Nonetheless, the two devices have got some differences features, performance and prices for which they are suited for specific needs.

Direct Comparison of Features

Let’s see how some popular models from each brand directly compare on key features:

SpecsCrompton Arno Neo 15LAmica 15L
Energy Rating5-star5-star
Heating Element1200gm copper1200gm copper
Heating Time 45°C in 10 minutes45°C in 10 minutes
Safety FeaturesFlame & thermal cutoffThermal cutoff, auto cutoff
InsulationPUFHigh-density PUF
Inner Tank CoatingPolymerNano Polybond
ExteriorPowder coatedPowder coated
Anode RodSmart ShieldMagnesium

Heating Performance – Both heat water quickly in 10 minutes due to the superior copper element and well-insulated tanks.

Energy Efficiency – Comparable 5-star energy ratings aided by effective PUF insulation layers minimize heat loss.

Safety – Multiple safety mechanisms on both like automatic cutoffs provide protection.

Durability – Similar powder coated exteriors prevent rust. Amica’s standalone Nano Polybond may give it a minor edge in corrosion resistance.

Convenience – Amica offers advanced features like WiFi connectivity and standby mode in higher end models.

Price – Crompton Arno heaters are generally 15-20% cheaper than comparable Amica models.

So when it comes to core water heating performance and efficiency, both brands are well matched overall. Amica pulls ahead on some convenience features while Crompton Arno maintains a price advantage.

The Crompton Arno Neo 15-L is a popular 5-star rated, 15 liter capacity model. Let’s look at its key specifications and performance:

  • Capacity – 15 liters suitable for family of 4-5 members
  • Power – 2000 watts for residential usage
  • Rating – 5-star BEE rating for power efficiency
  • Heating Element – Superior copper for faster heating
  • Time – Takes 10 mins to heat up to 45°C
  • Tank – Nano Polymer bonded to prevent corrosion
  • Insulation – PUF insulation retains heat effectively
  • Safety – Multi-level safety mechanisms like flame failure cutoff
  • Price – ₹5,599 making it very competitively priced

In reviews, customers praise the fast heating with consistent hot water delivery even with consecutive use. They also appreciate the energy efficiency which helps lower monthly electricity bills. Many reviewers mention the durable and corrosion-free tank which increases lifespan. The affordable price along with good after sales service from Crompton also gets positive feedback.

Overall, the Crompton Arno Neo 15-L provides excellent value for money with great heating performance paired with nice energy savings.

Star Review

The Amica AWK 15 is also a 15L, 5-star water heater with the following key features:

  • Capacity – 15L suitable for 4-5 family members
  • Power – 2000 watts for residential use
  • Rating – 5-star for maximum efficiency
  • Heating – Copper element provides fast heating
  • Time – Takes 10 minutes to reach 45°C temperature
  • Tank – Nano Polybond technology for corrosion resistance
  • Insulation – High-density PUF retains heat well
  • Safety – Auto cutoff and flame failure protection
  • Price – ₹6,820 puts it at a premium price point

According to reviews, the Amica model also delivers fast heating with a powerful copper element. Customers mention low electricity bills thanks to optimized insulation and standby cutoff feature. They appreciate the durable and long-lasting tank along with a rust-free exterior. Amica’s strong warranty and service network also gets positive feedback.

The only downsides are the higher price compared to competing models and limited availability as Amica has fewer dealers than more established brands. But customers feel the performance and durability justifies the extra cost.

Comparative Analysis

Based on the key parameters, here is a detailed comparative analysis between the Crompton Arno Neo and Amica AWK models:

Heating Performance

  • Both effectively heat up water in 10 minutes to usable temperature with their copper heating elements and well-insulated tanks. No major difference.

Energy Efficiency

  • Comparable 5-star ratings make them highly energy efficient. Amica’s standby cutoff feature gives it a slight edge in idle power usage.


  • Similar durable metallic bodies with powder coating prevent rusting. Crompton uses Polymer coating while Amica has Nano Polybond – the latter may provide marginally better corrosion protection.

Safety Features

  • Both have multiple safety mechanisms like automatic and thermal cutoffs to prevent accidents and malfunctions. No clear advantage for either.

Warranty and Service

  • Both offer 2 years warranty on the product and 5 years on heating element. Amica provides a slightly longer 2.5 years tank warranty. Customer service network is wide for both brands.


  • Crompton Arno heaters are priced around 15-20% lower than comparable Amica models. Significant price difference giving Crompton advantage.

Technological Features

  • Amica offers some additional tech features like WiFi connectivity, remote access via app, LCD displays on premium models. Crompton has no such smart features.

Ease of Installation

  • Installation process is straightforward for both, with step-by-step instructions provided in manuals. Amica recommends getting it installed by authorized technicians while Crompton can be installed easily at home.

After Sales Service

  • Both brands have established customer service networks across India to provide maintenance and repairs. Most reviews and experiences suggest both are prompt and responsive.

Longevity and Durability

  • The tank technologies used allow both heaters to have a long lifespan of 6-10 years with proper maintenance. Reviews suggest Amica heaters may last 1-2 years longer on average.

How to Choose Between Crompton Arno and Amica

Here are some tips on choosing between Crompton Arno and Amica water heaters for your home:

  • Consider the tank capacity needed based on family size – 10L for 2 people, 15L for 4-5 people, 25L for large households
  • Calculate the power rating required depending on usage – 2000W is good for residential use, higher for commercial
  • Compare energy ratings if electricity efficiency is a priority – both brands offer 3-5 star models
  • For maximum safety, look for additional safety mechanisms like flame failure protection
  • Evaluate tank technologies carefully – Nano Polybond or stainless steel tanks provide longer life
  • Choose copper heating elements for the fastest water heating
  • Consider smart controls and WiFi connectivity for convenience
  • Compare warranties – longer is better for peace of mind
  • Check after sales network in your location if maintenance is a criteria
  • Set a budget and look for best value – Crompton if budget conscious, Amica for premium
  • Read latest customer reviews on capacity, performance, after sales service before deciding

For most households, a 15L capacity, 5-star rated water heater from Crompton Arno or Amica will fulfil their needs while saving energy. Go through the factors above and choose as per your priorities.


  • Both Crompton Arno and Amica make excellent electric storage water heaters for Indian homes.
  • They have comparable heating performance, energy ratings, safety features, and durable tank designs.
  • Crompton Arno heaters are typically 15-20% cheaper than the Amica models.
  • Amica offers some additional tech features and may have slightly longer lifespan.
  • Crompton Arno gives better value for money while Amica is more premium.
  • For regular residential use, Crompton Arno is recommended for its affordability and reliable performance.
  • If budget is flexible, Amica is worth the investment for advanced features and longevity.

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