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OTG (On the Go USB) is the greatest and the cheapest innovation in our smartphone era.There are many Use of OTG and it is useful than a VR headset. It js the best innovation to expand your mobile storage without any extra Micro SD card.Earlier it was almost impossible to connect any device with smartphone. Smartphone were only able to log in to the PC but with the use of OTG cable now a smartphone can connect to various number of devices. So here is 5 fantastic use of OTG you didn’t know.

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           5 Fantastic use of OTG you didn’t know.


1) Use OTG as Internal Storage:-

use of OTG

Many new smartphone comes with hybrid sim slot and you cannot use a SD card with two Sims at the same time. Also the system apps and operating system acquire so much internal space that its not enough left to store movies and games. In that case with the help of an OTG cable you can connect your smartphone with an Portable Hard Disk or a pen drive and can easily access the content of that external device. That means even after having two sims in hybrid slot you can expand your smartphone storage to 1TB.

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2) Connecting Gamepad with Smartphone using OTG:-

5 use of OTG
We all love to play games with an external gamepad since our childhood with classic video game system to play games like Mario and Pac-Man.But still, after so much development in technology gamepad are given favorite for playing a game because it provides your the better control in-game and protect your device controllers from excessive using. But now not only on PC, but you can also use your PS4 or simple USB gamepad to play games on a smartphone by using an OTG cable. OTG cable connects at one end the gamepad and with another end smartphone which allows gamepad to access control of games in an Android smartphone.


3) Use OTG to Charge Andriod Mobile with another Andriod Device:-

5 use of OTG

In the case of emergency OTG cable proves very useful to fill up your battery with another smartphone when it is entirely draining. This method works similarly to power bank charging. You can connect two smartphones with one OTG cable with will allow the flow of current from the device having a larger battery to the device having the lower battery. Means a battery with 4000mAh will charge another smartphone having 3500mAh of battery. It is recommended that you must use this trick in an emergency situation otherwise using it regularly can damage the battery capacity of both smartphones.

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4) Connecting Mouse and Keyboard to Smartphone Using OTG.

 5 use of OTG
Since any USB device can connect to a smartphone but smartphone must have sufficient driver to recognize the device. USB mouse and Keyboard are the most common devices that can be used in a smartphone using OTG cable. When you connect a mouse to the smartphone, an arrow will appear on the home screen, and every click of the mouse on an icon will act as a touch on your smartphone means you can use your smartphone without touching it. The keyboard is used in smartphone through OTG cable when there is a need of typing a lot in less time. It is handy while writing a long email or letter in the smartphone.

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5) OTG Light and Fan.

As soon as OTG technology developed, we also got the small and tiny USB fan for use with the smartphone. USB fans and LED light earlier use in laptops to see keyboard at night or to have some air on our face. But now by using OTG, this device can be connected to any smartphone. These devices are supportable to every smartphone since it does not require any driver only need a flow of current. OTG led light can be used as a torch in dark or a flash for the front camera while USB fan can be used to dry your sweat easily when you are traveling in a non-AC vehicle.

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Bouns tip:-

Instant Transfer of Photos from Digital Camera.

 5 use of OTG
Earlier cameras were connected to PC to transfer photos and videos to PC then PC connected to a smartphone to transfer same files to the smartphone for uploading on social media. Although nowadays many DSLR comes with inbuilt wifi that you can transfer your photos videos to any device using wifi. But still, there are many budget DSLR that not have any wifi facility. In that case using an OTG cable, you can transfer your photos and videos from camera to smartphone directly.


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