Your must have heard of people bragging about how costly their mobile phones are, but you need to show them this device to shove off their egos. This is the most expensive headphones in India.

These are Shure SE846-CL Sound Isolating Earphones with Quad High Definition MicroDrivers and True Subwoofer.

Most importantly, according to our research these headphones are the costliest and surpasses the cost of any competing accessories.

So what so unique about this so called most expensive headphones ?

The company claims that these headphones have a low-pass filter that is unique in its own terms. This filter delivers extended clarity and unparalleled performance.

It is further geared up with Quad High-Definition MicroDrivers and the most interesting part that the cables are detachable with formable wire.

These are the most expensive headphones and are available in 4 colors : – Clear, black, bronze and blue . We liked the blue matte finish the most.

The box includes 2 Cases 46″ and 64″ cables,sleeve fit kit, airline and 1/4 adapters, cable clip, volume control and user guide.

Further, the device has been claimed to be evolved from personal monitoring technologies that is already tough-tested by pro-musicians and carefully engineered by Shure Engineers.

The low-pass filter is absolutely astonishing and enables great performance of the true sub-woofers with compromising even a bit on the sound details and clarity.

We all have used cheap headphones which becomes useless once you go inside the gym and you are not able to hear anything from your device headphones.

Parallel to this, Shure SE846 are capable of blocking up to 37 dB of noise on-the-go. That’s like you can head your own heart beat.

The headphones are quite amazing in every aspect from customizable frequency response to detachable cables making it an unequaled and perfectly tailored accessory specially for the music lover who hate to get disturbed by the noise outside.

Customer response:

If you go to amazon website you will be able to see a lot of funny and non-informative comments on the list but few genuine reviews and our research suggest that the device is worth being put in the most expensive headphones category.

Price and Availability:

According to Shure official website, the device costs around $999 but if we see it in india Amazon sells the same device at a marginally higher price of Rs. 92000 making it the most expensive headphones in India.