Havells Instanio Prime Vs Crompton Amica 15 Litre Geyser

Instantaneous hot water is a modern convenience that most Indian homes desire today. A good quality geyser or water heater has become an important appliance that provides comfort and hygiene for daily activities like bathing and dishwashing.

With numerous brands and models in the market, choosing the right 15 litre geyser for your home can be an overwhelming decision.

In this detailed comparison review, I Will evaluate the Havells Instanio Prime 15 Litre and Crompton Amica 15-L 5 Star Rated Storage Water Heaters to provide insight that will help you make an informed purchase choice.

Key Specifications Comparison of the Havells and Crompton 15 Litre Geysers

Let’s examine how the Instanio Prime 15 Litre from Havells and Amica 15 Litre 5 star rated geyser from Crompton compare based on their technical specifications on paper:

Bottom Line
Power Rating
Pressure Rating
Heating Element
Energy Efficiency
Heating Time
Havells Instanio Prime 15 Litre Storage Water Heater
Havells Instanio Prime
Check Prices
Bottom Line
LED indicator to check temperature
Thick steel plates
Incoloy coated heating element
Whirlflow technology for efficient heating
Long warranty
Slightly higher price
Long heating time
15 Litres
Power Rating
2000 Watts
Pressure Rating
0.8 MPa
Heating Element
Incoloy Glass Coated
Energy Efficiency
4-star BEE Rating
Heating Time
29 mins for 50°C rise
52.5 x 33 x 46 cm
7 years (tank), 4 years (heating element), 2 years (product)
Crompton Amica 15-L 5 Star Rated Storage Water Heater
Crompton Amica
Check Prices
Bottom Line
1200gm powerful heating element
5 star rating for energy efficiency
Rust resistant powder coating
Advanced safety measures
Nano Poly Bond technology tank
Standby cut-off
Short Heating time
Slightly lower rated power input
15 Litres
Power Rating
2000 Watts
Pressure Rating
8 Bar
Heating Element
ISI marked nickel coated copper
Energy Efficiency
5-star BEE Rating
Heating Time
10 mins for 45°C rise
45 x 32.5 x 32.5 cm
2 years (product)

Water Storage Capacity

Both geysers have a 15 litre capacity which is adequate for meeting the hot water requirements of a small to medium sized Indian family of 3-4 members.

For larger households or higher usage needs, one could opt for storage water heaters with 20, 25 or higher litre capacity. But for average family usage, a 15L instant water heater provides sufficient hot water storage.

Power Rating and Heating Time

The standard power rating of 2000 watts in both models ensures rapid water heating time. In general, higher wattage capacity will enable faster heating but also consume more electricity.

The Crompton Amica edges ahead on heating time with its ability to heat up water 10 minutes faster – 45°C in just 10 minutes compared to Havells’ 29 minutes for 50°C rise. So Crompton seems to have the upper hand when it comes to faster hot water availability.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is becoming an important consideration given rising electricity costs. A 5 star BEE rating makes the Crompton model more energy efficient compared to the 4 star rated Havells geyser.

Crompton amica 5 star rating

Over years of usage, the higher efficiency can result in significant savings on your electricity bills. Crompton Amica is the clear winner when it comes to energy efficiency.

Heating Element Material

The heating element or rod is responsible for heating the water by converting electrical energy into heat. It is subjected to sustained exposure to hot water and needs good corrosion resistance.

Havells uses premium Incoloy glass coated heating element which provides better heating performance and durability over traditional copper rods. The coated surface prevents scale formation and oxidation, enhancing lifespan.

Crompton Amica comes equipped with an ISI-marked nickel coated copper heating element which offers good heating efficiency and resistance to corrosion. But Incoloy certainly seems to have an edge for its superior oxidation resistance and longevity.

Tank Material and Coating

The inner tank has to withstand years of exposure to heated water along with internal pressure. Hence, corrosion and rust resistance of the tank material is paramount for safety and durability.

The Havells Instanio Prime deploys super cold rolled steel plates that are ultra-thick for extra sturdiness. It coats the tank in Feroglas dry powder coating for additional protection.

Crompton Amica uses Nano Polymer Bonding Technology to reinforce the tank which provides excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance even under high temperature and pressure conditions inside.

Both companies use premium techniques and materials to deliver superior tank durability but Crompton Amica’s polymer bonding technology seems to provide even better protection.

Safety Features

Safety is a critical consideration while choosing any electric water heating appliance for your home.

Both Havells and Crompton geysers come equipped with basic safety features like pressure release valves. But they also include some additional safety enhancements:

  • Havells Instanio Prime features a multifunction safety valve that guards against internal pressure build-up and leakage. This provides all-round protection against tank bursting or leakage.
  • It also comes with an external LED indicator that changes color based on temperature levels to visually alert the user if the water is too hot.
  • Crompton Amica has incorporated multiple advanced safety measures like a thermal cut-out, triple safety system to prevent electric shocks and hazards.
  • It also has an automatic cut-off function that will shut off power supply and switch off the geyser in case of any malfunction.

Warranty and After Sales Support

Warranty coverage provides long term peace of mind and after sales service support is important to maintain the optimal performance of your geyser.

  • Havells provides 7 years warranty coverage on the inner tank, 4 years on the heating element and a 2 year overall product warranty.
  • Crompton Amica comes with 2 years comprehensive warranty as standard.

Clearly, Havells offers superior warranty terms, especially on critical components like the heating element and inner tank. These parts are most prone to issues and having a longer warranty provides financial protection.

In terms of after sales support, both Havells and Crompton have wide service networks across India to provide maintenance support and repairs when required. Both brands are rated highly by customers for their after sales service quality.

Heating Technology, Performance and Durability

Apart from specifications, the actual heating technology, real-world performance and durability of the geyser depends on factors like:

Tank Design

Havells Instanio Prime uses the patented FeroglasTM technology which coats the internal tank surface with a specially formulated dry powder coating. This Feroglas layer ensures water does not come in direct contact with the steel surface.

The ultra-thick steel plates enhance strength while the coating improves corrosion resistance and longevity even after years of usage.

The Crompton Amica employs Nano Polymer Bonding technology to reinforce the inner tank to withstand high temperatures and pressure gradients. This provides excellent protection against corrosion and oxidation to increase the tank lifespan.

Heating Efficiency

Havells has incorporated Whirlflow technology in the Instanio Prime which enables faster heating by separating the cold and hot water flows inside the tank optimally. This allows maximum heat transfer to the water for better energy efficiency.

The Instanio Prime also utilizes sturdy Incoloy glass coated heating elements which are highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion at high temperatures. This results in better heating performance.

The Crompton Amica uses an ISI-marked nickel coated copper heating element with thick walled copper for good thermal conductivity. The element traces are insulated with powder coating for smooth performance. It delivers excellent heating efficiency to heat up water rapidly.

Thermal Insulation

Both geysers are designed with high-density PUF (Polyurethane Foam) insulation between the outer body and inner tank. This minimizes heat loss and ensures the water retains the desired temperature for long hours.

Crompton Amica’s 5-star energy rating indicates it likely has thicker insulation for better heat retention and reduced energy wastage. Proper insulation cuts electricity consumption and saves on your power bills.

Scale and Rust Resistance

Waterborne impurities like salts, minerals and hard water quality can lead to scale formation and rusting inside the tank which reduces lifespan.

The glass coated heating element in Havells Instanio Prime is highly resistant to oxidation and scaling even with hard water usage over years. Crompton Amica’s nickel coated copper element also resists scale buildup effectively.

Both geysers use powder coated or bonded tank finishes that are rust-proof and protect the insides from corrosion due to hard water. This extends the maintenance-free life of the geysers.

Superior Design and Build Quality

Both Havells and Crompton water heaters have sturdy and durable construction with reinforced high-grade plastic outer bodies that prevent corrosion.

The Instanio Prime features modern aesthetics, elegant design and vivid color options. The Crompton Amica has a more functional and compact build well-suited for space constrained bathrooms.

Pressure Handling

With its high 0.8 MPa pressure rating, the Havells Instanio Prime can handle high-rise apartments with over 10 floors since it is designed to withstand up to 80 meters of head.

The Crompton Amica is rated for 8 bar pressure so it works well for tall buildings up to 8-9 floors maximum. For high-rise structures exceeding that height, the Havells would be the better choice.

Pricing, Operating Costs and Overall Value

Apart from product features and performance, an important consideration for buyers is the pricing and overall costs. Let’s compare the two top models:

Purchase Price

  • The Havells Instanio Prime 15 Litre is priced at a premium ₹7,798 on online retail stores.
  • Crompton Amica 15 Litre comes at a more budget-friendly price point of ₹6,820 making it around 15% cheaper.

Energy Consumption

  • Due to its higher 5-star energy rating, the Crompton Amica consumes comparatively lesser electricity. This makes it more efficient with lower operating costs.
  • Over 2-3 years, the energy savings of Crompton geyser can outweigh the higher upfront purchase price.

Warranty Value

  • The 7 year tank and 4 year heating element warranty provided by Havells is of substantially higher monetary value given that tank and heating element are the most failure-prone components.
  • This minimizes maintenance costs down the line. The 2 year standard warranty on Crompton geyser has lower monetary coverage.

Resale Value

  • Given its premium brand image and specs, the Havells geyser will likely have higher resale value after 3-5 years should you choose to upgrade. This offsets some of upfront price difference.

Final Verdict

The Havells Instanio Prime 15 litre justifies its premium pricing with best-in-class specs like Incoloy heating element, Whirlflow technology and protective coatings. It arguably has more features, faster heating, better water pressure handling and longer warranty.

But for budget buyers, the Crompton Amica offers maximum value for money. It has slightly lower specs but gives you excellent performance with the fastest heating time and maximum energy savings.

So if your priority is top-end quality and features, Havells Instanio Prime is worth the investment. But Crompton Amica is the best value option meeting all core needs at the best price. Evaluate your family’s hot water requirements and priorities to pick the ideal 15L geyser between these top models from Havells and Crompton.

FAQs on 15 Litre Geysers

If you are considering a 15L instant water heater for your home, here are answers to some frequently asked questions to help you make an informed purchase decision:

Q. What capacity geyser is suitable for a family of 4 members?

A. For a standard 4 member Indian family, a 15 litre geyser is typically adequate to fulfill hot water needs for bathing, washing and cleaning. It can allow up to 3 showers or use cases per day. For larger families, consider higher 20L+ capacity.

Q. What should be the ideal power rating in Watts for a 15 litre geyser?

A. A 2000-3000 watt power rating is suitable for 15L geysers as it provides rapid water heating while keeping electricity costs economical. Higher wattage will heat water faster but also consume more power.

Q. How frequently should maintenance be done for geysers?

A. It is recommended to service your geyser once a year. Annual maintenance checks for scale build-up, corrosion, sediment deposition, leaks etc. This optimizes performance and safety. Check and replace the magnesium anode rod if required.

Q. What are the key features to evaluate when buying a 15 litre geyser?

A. Heating element material, high BEE star rating, safety valves, durable and corrosion-proof inner tank, sufficient warranty coverage, good after-sales service are vital parameters to consider in your purchase decision.

Q. How much will a 15L geyser cost monthly on my electricity bill on average?

A. Depending upon usage, expect an average electricity cost of ₹250-400 per month for higher efficiency 5-star geysers. The cost could be ₹100-150 higher for 4-star models. Installing a solar water heater can reduce this cost.

We hope this detailed comparison of the Havells Instanio Prime and Crompton Amica geysers helps you pick the best 15 litre instant water heater to match your family’s requirements and budget. Both are great choices from reputed brands. Analyze their technical specifications, performance, features, pricing and warranty to make the right decision.

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