Kent Vs Aquaguard RO annual maintenance cost

The most well-known water purifier brands in India are Kent and Aquaguard that purify by employing different techniques like RO, UV, and UF. The two companies have different models suitable for different budgets and water purification.

One does not need to look at the initial cost only when making a decision to buy. The lifetime cost of water purifier maintenance must also be assessed with care. For the purifier to give clean water and to be free of any contaminants, then proper and timely maintenance is required. This implies that failure to maintain can cause failures of systems, leakages as well as installation of old filters that compromise the quality of the purified water.

By using research and analysis of maintenance schedules, filter replacement frequency, service costs from authorized technicians, availability of parts and other factors we expect to be of aid in outlining the overall maintenance expenditure pertaining to Kent and Aquaguard water purifiers. In addition to their initial purchase costs, consumers have to consider the long term maintenance costs. The purpose is to help consumers make informed choices. In real-world applications, we have collected data from actual users on the maintenance costs for various models. A side-by-side comparison and key takea-ways in maintenance cost difference between the top two brands. It also provides strategies for reducing water maintenance expenses without compromising water quality.

Key Technology and Design Differences Between Aquaguard and Kent

Both Kent and Aquaguard leverage multiple technologies for water purification. Let’s examine the main ones:

RO (Reverse Osmosis)

RO forces water through semi-permeable membranes under high pressure. This removes dissolved salts, chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides – giving top-notch purification.

UV (Ultraviolet)

UV systems expose water to UVC light which destroys disease-causing viruses, bacteria, protozoa by damaging their DNA and RNA.

UF (Ultrafiltration)

UF uses membranes with microscopic pores to filter out suspended particles, turbidity, pathogens larger than 0.01 microns.

While the core RO technology is common, there are some differences:

  • Kent uses patented Mineral ROTM to retain natural minerals
  • Aquaguard uses standard RO membranes from Dow Chemicals

In terms of design, Kent water purifiers have a more stylish, elegant look with curved glass bodies. The build quality is excellent with attention to aesthetics.

Aquaguard products are more traditional and utilitarian in their curvy, compact designs. They use toughened food-grade plastic able to withstand shocks and urban water pressures.

Kent’s storage tanks are relatively smaller – 7 liters to 10 liters, while Aquaguard offers larger capacities up to 12-20 liters.

So families with 5+ members are better served by Aquaguard’s higher purification capacity. But Kent’s award-winning modern designs will appeal more if look and feel matter.

The Importance of After-Sales Service For Water Purifiers

Investing in a water purifier is a long-term commitment spanning over 5-10 years. So after-sales support and service should be a big factor in your purchase decision.

Let’s see how Kent and Aquaguard compare on key service parameters:

Service Network Reach

  • Kent has over 400 authorized service centers across India
  • Aquaguard has 1500+ service centers reaching even Tier 2/3 cities

So Aquaguard has wider national presence, giving better service access especially in smaller towns.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

  • Kent provides an AMC costing ₹2000 per year
  • Aquaguard offers AMC between ₹1500-2000 annually

AMCs allow scheduled servicing at discounted rates. This prevents ad-hoc repair expenses.

Call Center Support

  • Kent has toll-free number 1800-102-6060 for queries
  • Aquaguard customers can call 1860-500-3333 for assistance

So both provide 24×7 call support for technical issues and complaints.

Online Customer Service

  • Kent has customer care email and Live Chat options
  • Aquaguard also provides email support on its website

This allows customers to get support online.

Technician Visits

  • Kent promises 48 hour turnaround time
  • Aquaguard also commits 48 hours response time

So on-site support is prompt from both brands.

Parts Availability

  • Both have ready inventory of spare parts and filters
  • Genuine replacements are easily available

This allows for quick repairs with original company components.

Performance Guarantee

  • Kent offers 1 year warranty on purifier, 3 years on RO membrane
  • Aquaguard provides 1 year machine warranty, with 5-7 years on RO membrane

The long membrane warranty indicates lasting performance.

So in terms of after-sales service, Aquaguard has the edge in terms of wider network reach and longer membrane warranty. But Kent also offers decent support infrastructure across metro cities.

Annual Maintenance Cost Comparison Between Kent and Aquaguard

KENT Original Spare Pack

KENT Original Spare Pack – Sediment Filters , Carbon Filter , RO Membrane , Post Carbon Filter , UF Hollow Fibre Membrane and Frt 550 ml

Dr.Aquaguard Magna RO Kit

RO membrane, sediment, chemi block & active copper cartridges

The annual maintenance cost depends on filter replacement frequency, prices of filters, and any servicing charges. Let’s compare:

Annual Maintenance CostKentAquaguard
Filter Change Frequency6-12 months6-12 months
RO Membrane Price₹2000-3000 (Replace every 2-3 years)₹1500-2500 (Replace every 2-3 years)
Pre-filter Prices₹500-1000₹400-800
Annual Servicing Charge₹750-1500 per visit₹500-1000 per visit
Total Cost per Year₹3000-5500₹2500-4500

So Aquaguard RO water purifiers are about 10-20% more economical than Kent in terms of total yearly maintenance expenses.

Proper servicing as needed rather than arbitrarily every 6 months optimizes maintenance costs. Following prescribed filter replacement schedules and having an annual maintenance contract also helps minimize unexpected repair costs.

Making the Right Choice – Kent or Aquaguard?

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing between Kent and Aquaguard for your home:

Budget – Aquaguard models are generally more affordable than Kent.

Design & Looks – Kent water purifiers have more modern and elegant aesthetics.

Ease of Use – Both have easy operation but Kent has more hi-tech features.

Storage Capacity – Aquaguard offers larger 12-20 liter tank capacity.

Water Taste – Kent claims better mineral retention for natural sweet taste.

After-Sales Service – Aquaguard has wider national service reach.

Noise – Aquaguard RO purifiers operate more quietly.

Warranty – Aquaguard provides better 7 year warranty on the RO membrane.

Location – Kent has more presence in metro cities while Aquaguard dominates smaller towns.

Water Source – For municipal tap water, Aquaguard makes more sense while Kent is better for borewells.

So for a modern, stylish purifier with advanced interface, Kent is the winner. But for affordability plus extensive service network, Aquaguard has the advantage.

If tap water quality in your area is poor, Kent’s superior filtration may be worth paying extra for. But with moderately good input water, Aquaguard gives better value for money.

For large families, Aquaguard’s higher purification capacities make it ideal. But for nuclear families, Kent models with 7-9 liter tanks suffice.

Both brands provide high quality water purification technologies that remove dangerous water contaminants to make it 100% safe for drinking. So you really can’t go wrong buying either Kent or Aquaguard products from authorized dealers.

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