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Safe and clean drinking water is one of the primary needs of all human beings. The water contaminants in tap water are at a high level across several parts of India and therefore necessitates use of a good quality water purifier to prevent waterborne diseases related health hazards.
Kent and Pureit are among the most notable and commonly selected water purifier brands that offer units designed for diverse budget and requirement.
This makes Pureit and Kent to offer a diverse variety of water purifier models featuring different water purification technologies and specifications. As a result, it becomes difficult for a consumer to choose which Pureit or Kent product best suits their needs.
This detailed comparison of features between the Kent and pureit water purifiers can be considered as a comprehensive guide. Read ahead as this knowledge will help you decide which type of water purifier – Kent or Pureit – you require for your home or office.

Introduction to Kent and Pureit

Kent RO Systems Ltd. was founded in 1999 by Mahesh Gupta and pioneered the use of revolutionary RO (Reverse Osmosis) technology for domestic water purification in India. The brand offers zero wastage through its patented TDS control and double purification technology across a diverse product range including UV, UF, RO and RO+UV purifiers.

Pureit was launched in India in 2004 by Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Through its innovative advertising campaigns highlighting the importance of safe drinking water, Pureit quickly became a well-known brand across India. Pureit offers electric, non-electric and UV purification models across price ranges incorporating its patented GERMKILL kit technology for affordability and low maintenance.

Below we look at some of the most popular models offered by both Kent and Pureit suitable for domestic and commercial usage:

Top Kent Water Purifier Models

  • Kent Supreme Extra (RO+UV+UF): Uses copper charged mineral ROTM technology and UV disinfection for multi-stage purification. Comes with adjustable mineral taste enhancer.
  • Kent Grand Plus (RO+UF): Provides double purification through RO and UF membranes making it ideal for use with municipal tap water supply.
  • Kent Ultra Storage (RO+UV): Large 15 litre storage capacity with free installation, demo and annual maintenance service.

Top Pureit Water Purifier Models

  • Pureit Eco Water Saver: Among the most affordable models that does not require electricity and can effectively purify low TDS water.
  • Pureit Copper+: Uses 7 stage purification process combined with copper benefits for health.
  • Pureit Advanced Pro: Comes with WiFi connectivity, LCD display, and largest storage capacity of up to 12 litres.

Comparing the Maintenance Costs of Kent and Pureit

Maintenance costs form a significant portion of the total annual costs of owning a water purifier. The maintenance costs of popular Kent and Pureit RO water purifier models across different components are compared below:

Filter Replacement Cost

KENT Original Spare Pack

Sediment Filters , Carbon Filter , RO Membrane , Post Carbon Filter , UF Hollow Fibre Membrane and Frt 550 ml
  • Kent and Pureit both recommend replacing water filters annually or bi-annually depending on usage and water quality.
  • For Kent RO water purifiers using Mineral ROTM technology filters, the official replacement filter set costs ₹4200 yearly.
  • For Pureit models, the Germkill kit replacement filters can be purchased for ₹3000 per year approximately.

Service and Technician Visit Charges

  • Kent provides free installation, demo and an annual maintenance service visit. Additional service visits cost ₹500 per visit without parts replacement.
  • Pureit requires calling their customer care helpline to arrange for a technician visit for maintenance checks or filter replacement. Each visit from Pureit service partner costs ₹750-850 based on location.

Electricity Usage Costs

  • Basic Kent and Pureit electric RO water purifiers consume 24W and 36W of power respectively.
  • For typical daily usage of 8 hours, the annual electricity cost for Kent models is around ₹700. For Pureit it is slightly higher at ₹900 per year.

Additional Maintenance Costs

  • Descaling cleaning kits to remove mineral deposits cost ₹1000 and are recommended every 6-12 months.
  • The RO membrane needs replacement every 2-3 years. Membrane replacement costs around ₹2000 for Kent and ₹1500 for Pureit models.
  • Sediment filter cleaning required every 3-4 months has minimal costs.

Total Annual Maintenance Cost Comparison

Annual Cost ComponentKentPureit
Filter Replacement₹4000₹3000
Service/Technician Visit₹0₹750
Electricity Cost₹700₹900
Additional Maintenance₹1500₹1000

Based on the detailed maintenance cost breakdown above, the total annual maintenance expenses for Kent water purifiers is slightly higher compared to Pureit models.

Kent and Pureit – Technology Used for Water Purification

Kent and Pureit use the following leading water purification technologies across their various products:

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO): RO membrane removes dissolved salts, chemicals and impurities by applying pressure to force water through its pores. Used by Kent and Pureit.
  • UV Purification: UV light rays kill disease causing viruses and bacteria by attacking their DNA to make water potable. Present in higher Kent and Pureit models.
  • Ultrafiltration (UF): UF membrane has fine pores to remove bacteria, protozoa, cysts, spores through a sieving process. Seen in higher-end Kent models.
  • Copper Charged Mineral ROTM: Kent’s patented technology that infuses water with copper and minerals for health benefits.
  • Non-Electric Purification: Basic Pureit models use mechanical filtration without electricity making them economical options.

Kent RO technology performs better than Pureit for higher TDS/hard water while Pureit offers more budget non-electric models.

Design and Feature Comparison

Let us look at some of the key differences in terms of design, storage capacity, purification stages and other features between Kent and Pureit RO water purifiers:

Storage Capacity8-15 litres6-12 litres
Ideal TDSUp to 2000 ppmUp to 500 ppm
Purification StagesMulti-stage7 stage
Food Grade PlasticYesYes
Transparent Water TankNoYes
Digital DisplayNoYes in top models
Warranty1 year1 year
LED IndicatorsYesYes
Price Range₹12000-₹30000₹4000-₹25000

Some key differences visible from the table:

  • Larger capacity Pureit models are more suited for offices/large families. Kent better meets the requirements of smaller families.
  • Kent models can effectively purify hard water up to 2000 ppm TDS. Pureit gives optimal performance only for TDS under 500 ppm.
  • Pureit offers more affordable products starting from just ₹4000. Kent water purifiers start from ₹12000.
  • Higher-end Pureit variants come with a digital display and transparent water tanks. Kent models don’t have these features.
  • Both brands offer free installation but Kent provides better after-sales service across India through over 400 service centres.

Making the Right Choice – Kent or Pureit?

While both Kent and Pureit offer excellent quality products, some key pointers can help choose the right brand for your specific water purification needs:

  • For hard water supply areas or smaller families, Kent is a better choice with its effective Mineral ROTM technology and good after-sales service.
  • If you need large volumes of purified water daily and want budget pricing, Pureit models are a good option with the Eco and Copper models starting under ₹7000.
  • Prefer non-electric, chemical-free water purification? Pureit’s basic purifiers are ideal with no electricity usage.
  • If you want modern design and digital features, Pureit’s high-end models justified the premium pricing with transparent tanks and LCD display.
  • Kent provides better performance but Pureit has wider range from ₹4000 to ₹25000 meeting diverse budgets.

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