Sometime or the other we all have assumed that one day apple will eventually run out of rolling out new features for their upgraded devices but apple has always surprised us.

Continuing its journey of launching exclusive phones and tables, apple is here with yet another powerful device the 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

So, whats new so intriguing about this device?
With the same body size as the older version iPad, apple has managed to fit in a bigger screen size in the same body.

The processor of 10.5-inch iPad Pro  has also be upgraded and will support upcoming technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality(AR).

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Tables are something that you don’t need to replace every few years, but the new rolls out from apple certainly make you feel the replacements are worth doing and you can get something meaningfully better.

Increased Speed

Apple has loaded this device with spec upgrades and some very important changes to the processor chips.

The screen is super crisp and bright and there is a non-reflective panel too so that its users find it easy to read in the dark.

10.5-inch iPad Pro has got the fastest screens refresh rates as compare to other android devices in the market, which is near to 120 Hz, that means the images shown on the display refreshes 120 times in a second and that is something incomparable.

The Apple Pencil.

The new apple pencil has got an improved hardware. Previously it used to be a bit hasty and lousy but now the pencil works in real-time and is very fast and responsive. Now you can take your notes easily and without any lag.

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The Magic Screen.

The 10.5-inch iPad Pro , as the name suggest has a 10.5 screen that we call as the magic screen. Due to the pixel density of 2224 x 1668, enables app developers to free them from rewriting their apps as the ratio remains the same.
The on screen keyboard is much more accessible due to the large screen size.

Apple has been constantly working on this 10.5-inch iPad Pro from past few months and the software crew is definitely a bit behind the hardware team of apple.

This device certainly will be considered worth once we receive the iOS 11 firmware upgrade which is schedules to be launched this fall. The new OS will have a lot of new features  and these features will be well supported by 10.5-inch iPad Pro .

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