Improve Android phone performance

A lot of people say that the beauty of Android is customization and personalize each except the Android.After sometimes the android os will start lagging.If you have a facing lot of laggy and battery drain, then check out our 5 tips Improve Android phone performance.

5 Tips to Improve Android phone performance:-


1) Turn off live wallpaper and Remove widgets.

speed up Android phone performance

Avoid putting live wallpapers on screen as much as possible.Live or animated wallpapers makes your phone display attractive, but they consume a lot of phones power and slow down the device This will help your Android phone runs smoothly.Adding too many widgets on homescreen may also bring some lag in performance of your device, so try to as less as widgets possible.

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2) Remove unwanted apps:-

If there are some unused and unwanted apps In your device, then you must delete them.It often happens that we download apps and games after using once or twice we forgot that the even existed in our device so removing such apps which are taking your phone’s memory unnecessarily it’s a good practice to improve the performance of the phone.


3) Clear cache data:-

Most of the apps on our Android device make cache data for smoothening their operations.But we should clean them regularly. There are apps In playstore which clean Cache data automatically.

Note: -The cache will return when you uses the app the again.

You can manually Clear Cache data by below steps.

  • Go to setting in the device.
  • Click On Apps options.
  • Next Click on apps which You want to clean cache
  • Then press Clear Cache Option ( Lolipop user)
  • Click on storage option and clear cache data. ( marshmallow users)


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4) keep sufficient storage on the device:-\

Yes if you keep storage full on your device then this is the high time that you should keep adequate storage on your device.Move the all apps to external memory or SD card if your phone supports or on your PC rather than saving on your internal memory of Android can also move files to cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.


5) Factory reset:-


The last option which you can take if you have tried every option mentioned before but the performance of your Android read to improve then you can opt for a factory reset of your device.It will take your phone back to original condition when it was new.

This step will Remove everything from your device. Make sure that take backup of important information like password, contacts, images, etc. before doing a reset.


These are the tips to Improve Android phone performance.If you have any questions or suggestions about this post feel free to post them as comments below.

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