You guys obviously use MX player every day because it is one of the best video players for smartphones but you might not know that an MX-player has some hidden features, so I will tell you the top five secret tips and tricks of an MX-player.

1) Change MX Player theme:-

MX player

You can change the MX player to make it look even more beautiful go to settings > list and then go to the theme here, you will find so many themes. Choose the one that u want and then simply go back and you will see a totally new MX player pretty cool right? You can also try out some other themes that suit you.

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2) Hide folders In MX player:-

MX player

You need to hide any precise folder so, pick the folder then click on options then click on on “hide”.

MX playerTo unhide the folder just visit settings Lists>click on on folders>then pick the folder which you have hidden and click on on“remove”. But it’s handiest to be hidden in MX player and now not to your device.

3) MX Player as Music Player:-

MX player

You can use MX player as a music player to activate it go to settings and then go to audio and check the first box use as an audio player and now if you go back you will see that
all the music files are listed here so no need to have any other music player which will save your storage and comes with a great feature isn’t it?

4) Use As Background Play:-

MX player

It is simply disturbing when you go away the MX player app window and suddenly video stop working. Now you can permit heritage playback choice which can help you play just the audio part of a video, even if the app is closed or when you’re doing some different matters.

Follow these simple steps to enable it

  1. Open the MX player app and visit”Menu > Settings > player”.
  2. Now scroll down and check mark the button subsequent to the “background play”.
  3. choice. You can additionally choose audio playback personally.
  4. Now each time you may play the audio or video in the background.


5) Add/Remove a play button:-

MX player

If you want to  Remove or Add the play button like in the Photo.Then you can Remove/Add always go to settings > list >objects floating window option now go back and see the magic.